Avatar 850M

Total Consumer Addressable Market across Asia

Shop 18

Markets live by 2020

Price Table 465K

active customers as of Jan 2020

Joystick 400

Top-ranked Games and a massive portfolio of 000's to choose from

Globe 2

Global contracts signed

Edit 18

Telco contracts signed in 8 markets

Market 7

Markets live
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand

CLV vs CAC 5.5x


SEED Round Funded

June 2019


IPO Mean
Revenue Multiple


IPO Mean
Revenue Multiple


M&A Mean
Revenue Multiple


M&A Mean
EBITDA Multiple


M&A Median
Revenue Multiple


M&A Median
EBITDA Multiple

*Values exclude outliers.
Source: MarketMerger, HarrisWilliams, Woodside eCapital

Know more about our business

See how our investors and partners can get benefits on our business model, therefore we work hard to be in the top of the worldwide gaming community

business model

Our product Goama|Games, is a premium mobile gaming platform with a flat rate recurring subscription per user. Pricing is based on purchasing power parity of the specific emerging market we operate. Think Netflix but for mobile games.

Time to revenues is accelerated via revenue share partnerships with telcos & mobile wallets, together with other partners who assist with accelerated distribution and customer acquisition.

Our Business is measured on 7 core KPIs:

  • Qualified Marketing Traffic
  • Active Monthly Subscribers
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Churn
  • Subscription Charging Success Rate (CSR)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • CLV to CAC Ratio


Subscribe via the Goama|Games portal for free trial

Following free trail, subscription charged via mobile phone credit or mobile wallet



Hundreds of the worlds top rated games. Play as much as you like.

Download the Goama|Games natively to your device to play as much as you like



Anywhere, Anytime! Play games directly from your browser or download the Goama|Games native app.

Pre-paid / Post-Paid Fully subsidised Option for Taxis / Airlines etc.


Digital Acquisition and Marketing

Accelerating Go to Market and Time to Market

Digital and Social Content creators Social Influencers


Deep Carrier and Transport Relationships

Accelerating Get to Market and Go to Market Lowering Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Time to Revenues (TTR)

B2B2C Model Access to Digital Currency Large Database Marketing Commitments



Accelerating Customer Lifetime Value

Proprietary Gamer Recommendation Engine In-house BI Advanced app tracking tools Optimized marketing investment & churn mitigation


Integrated Payment Gateway Platform

Full integrated to payment gateways and Telcos across emerging markets

Accelerating time to revenues


Subscription Engine, Analytics Engine, and Gamer Database

Secure platform for Gamer Management and Insight and Game Performance Analytics


Artificial Intelligence

Gamer recommendation engine

Accelerating Gamer Experience and Engagement


Curated Content

Sourced and curated directly or via our Aggregators

Providing exclusive or genre specific access to mobile games based on target audiences.


Digital Rights Management

Licensed Technology

Providing carrier exclusivity for competitive advantage and contract protection


Fully Redundant Architecture

Fault Tolerant Platform built on Amazon Web Services

markets we are live

See how our investors and partners can get benefits on our business model, therefore we work hard to be in the top of the worldwide gaming community

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Goama is raising a late seed round of capital. | Goama is an Alumni of the accelerator SOSV-Mox in Taiwan.

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